Annual Conference 2024 – Istanbul 

Istanbul brought together representatives from 31 different countries. The panels addressed mining trends in Turkey, Latin America & global considerations. Professional perspectives on mining arbitration & litigation finance, taxation trends & offtake agreements were offered. Panels spoke to the energy transition & soft law liability considerations. And, as always, the General Counsel reflected on lessons from the past year & perspectives for the future. 2024’s Conference Programme can be found here.

Annual Conference 2023 – Cologne

The Conference welcomed the largest number of attendees in its history in Cologne, Germany, with representatives from 30 countries. Panels covered wide ranging issues including ESG disclosure requirements, structing financing in emerging countries, ASM challenges & solutions, lessons from COVID 19, updates from L. America, mining in space and conversations with General Counsel. 2023’s Conference Programme can be found here

Annual Conference 2022 – Dubrovnik

After a two year break due to the global pandemic, the WAOML annual conference returned in Dubrovnik, Croatia. A chance for the WAOML network to meet face-to-face was thoroughly enjoyed by returning and new participants. Panels covered issues from taxation to sanctions, from liabilities to royalty streaming issues and challenges. 2022’s Conference Programme can be found here 

Annual Conference 2019 – Marrakech

In 2019 the WAOML Annual Conference moved outside of Europe for the first time, to the historical city of Marrakech, Morocco. One of the largest events to be hosted by WAOML, the conference provided a platform for the presentation of the Draft Small Scale Mining Model Regulations prepared by WAOML. Panels covered issues from ASM to Mine Closure, from Streaming Finance to OHS issues. The full agenda can be found here.

Annual Conference 2018 – Sintra

The 4th Annual Conference was held on the 27th – 28th June 2018 at Penha Longa Resort in Sintra, Portugal. 2018’s conference had a particular focus on mining finance and operations; competition and disputes in the mining industry; environmental, human rights and local community issues; mining contracts; and mineral policies in Lusophone and SADC countries. 2018’s Conference Programme can be found here.

Annual Conference 2017 – Toledo

The 3rd Annual Conference was held on the 6th – 7th of June 2017 at Hotel Eurostars Palacio Buenavista in Toledo, Spain.

During the conference, the Association presented the updated Model Mining Code (MMC 2017). Other topics of discussion included fiscal policies in mining, mineral tracing and reporting legislation, human rights matters and the management of international litigation.

2017’s Conference Programme can be found here.

Annual Conference 2016 – Chantilly

The 2nd Annual Conference was held on the 6th – 7th of June 2016 at Chateau de Montvillargenne in Chantilly, France.

The first iteration of the Model Mining Code was unveiled for wider comments and consultations at this event. The conference focused on Francophone Africa and legal developments in South American countries.

2016’s Conference Programme can be found here.

Inaugural Conference 2015 – London

The inaugural conference was held in London in May 2015.